SAN ANGELO, Texas —  It has been five months since 10-year-old Uziyah Sergio Garcia’s family lost him during the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas on March 24th of this year. On the morning of October 22, 2022, family and community members gathered to unveil a plaque and bench dedicated in his honor.

“When we learned that there was a little boy from San Angelo we wanted to do something for him,” said Carlos Rodriguez, owner of San Angelo’s Kona Ice. “So we offered to pay for the memorial bench and the memorial plaque for them.”

The chosen location of the memorial along the banks of the Concho River near Kid’s Kingdom holds a special place in the family’s hearts. Family members say the memorial sits near the spot where Uziyah and his siblings would often roll down the hill on snowy days.

“We used to spend a lot of time here me and my son,” Uziyah’s father, Sergio Garcia said, “we’re gonna miss him very much. Christmas is coming up, it’s gonna be difficult, this is the time that we need him most but we are always going to remember him.”

Uziyahs family shared their sentiments on their loss with our CVHP reporter.

“It still feels like a nightmare we’re going through this,” Uziyah’s aunt, Grace Valencia said, “just pray for us, pray for the families of Uvalde too and we need to keep our schools safe for these kids.”

“We’re heartbroken and we miss Uziyah so much but we have hope that we are going to be with our baby, our angel one day,” said Uziyah’s grandmother, Sylvia Arambula. “We walk strongly in that faith.”

Uziyah’s father described him as a very energetic and happy boy who loved football and sports, Batman and Fortnite, and had a love of people and his family. He was known to compliment people on their clothes or tell them that Jesus loved them.

“When he would laugh it would just make my heart explode, it just meant so much,” said Sergio Garcia.

“To some, it’s just a park bench but to us this is Uziyah,” said Leticia Garcia.