Meeting to restore 9/11 Memorial

Local News

Plans are underway to restore San Angelo’s 9/11 memorial. Former San Angelo Catholic Diocese Bishop Michael Pfeifer helped get the piece of steel that was the centerpiece of the memorial near the Concho river next to the celebration bridge. In June someone took the steel piece that came from one of the toppled New York trade building towers. Bishop Pfeifer along with city officials and former New York City EMS member Rosie Velez are making restoration plans.

Daniel Valenzuela San Angelo City Manager:

“we were the first city in the state of Texas that actually put up a monument for 9-11. And for us its a direct connection to the monument itself and what happened in New York that day. So its really important for us not to run from or pretend it didn’t happen, w know it happened and what we want to do is stand up and say we are going to restore it, we aren’t going to leave it the way it is.”

Another piece of steel from the trade towers will be donated for a new memorial.

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