May is National Foster Care Month

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SAN ANGELO, Texas – It’s a month to celebrate those who answered the call of fostering our youth.

“Just here in Tom Green County, there’s such a need for foster parents,” said Rebeka Samples who is a Foster Home Recruiter at Children’s Hope and a foster parent.

Just in March of this year, 285 children have been in care but over 50 were still waiting to be placed in a loving home.

“There are some stuff these kids go through that you just can’t even imagine,” claimed Doris Kennon, who is a former foster mom and child.

Being a foster parent, you’ll see all and feel it all — alongside your children. And especially when you’ve been a foster child yourself.

“It was hard in many ways because it wasn’t my family. The agency, the whole thing didn’t really care about the children. We were just a number and money to them,” explained Kennon.

However, this is what inspired Doris Kennon to make a difference, “I wanted to change the system by allowing children to come into my home and help them out because I know what it’s like to not be at home. I wanted to help-out boys because those are the ones that nobody wanted.”

Even though there are challenges, there are also many joys that come with fostering.

“One of my favorite things about my kid is that every time he sees a flower, he’ll bring it to me. He’ll pick it up and bring it to me. It’s those little small things that despite of their entire background, they are still loving. They can still have those happy moments and they can still find joy in all of the disaster that they’ve seen,” stated Samples.

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