SAN ANGELO, Texas – A San Angelo couple recently spoke out on a Facebook marketplace exchange that has affected multiple people in the city: A man using ‘Motion Picture’ money.

Jerry Vineyard shared with Concho Valley Homepage staff that his wife had posted about a cell phone she was attempting to sell on the Facebook marketplace, an extension on the app that allows users to buy and exchange items.

Vineyard says that the couple made an agreement to meet the buyer at a Riversedge Apartments across from Central High School.

Upon arrival, the couple claims a man approached the vehicle to buy the cell phone, but only had $49 on him. The couple agreed to the exchange.

“He handed her the money with the real five-dollar bill, four ones and on the outside, kind of rolled up where you could see the corners, a $20 and two $10,” Vineyard told Concho Valley Homepage staff.

Vineyard continued by saying that his wife felt weird while at the store after the exchange. This prompted her to take out the money and noticed ‘For Motion Picture Us Only’ written on the bill.

Money marked ‘For Motion Picture Use Only’ was given to Jerry Vineyard and his wife in exchange for a cellphone.

After the incident, Vineyard said he called the police who took the money and the couple’s statement.

The Vineyard’s have not been the only ones affected by a man using ‘Motion Picture’ money.

The Vineyard’s were not the only ones affected by this man wearing an exchange. Another source, who wishes to remain unnamed, shared with Concho Valley Homepage that they endured a similar incident.

An agreement was made on an electronic device listed for $200.

The individual then met with the buyer at Riversedge Apartments where they received two $100 bills marked for Motion Picture use only.

Facebook shares advice on how to buy and sell responsibly when it comes to using their platform for these exchanges.

This page shares it is best to meet someone in a public, well-lit area as well as share your meeting plan with a trusted individual through Messenger.

The San Angelo Police Department has a “Safe Exchange Zone” at police headquarters. This designated spot is located on the southeast side of the north, public parking lot on 401 East Beauregard Ave. This exchange area opened up from just child custody exchanges to online buyers and sellers in July of 2018.

The Safe Exchange Zone is lit and under surveillance during all hours of the day so that people can make these exchanges safely.

It is also important to review the individual’s Commerce Profile. This helps the user learn more information about the seller, see other listings and read any comments made by others on their interaction with the seller.

Consumers should also verify the item being bought before making any payments. Facebook says that high-value items like luxury bags have a certificate of authenticity or proof of purchase that can be requested before purchasing.

Facebook also warns not to buy or sell these items:

  • Recalled items
  • Gift Cards

Consumers should also know there is an option for delivery for some items that are bought off the marketplace. Upon purchase, eligible items will be shipped to you. Users can also use the pick-up or drop-off services.