SAN ANGELO, Texas — A local man was arrested today and has been arrested and charged with injury to a child.

WARNING: The following can be graphic in nature to some readers

According to the affidavit, a three-month-old child was in the care of Samuel Benjamin Jeter on Aug. 17, while at a residence located at 2918 J.F.K. Drive. While in Jeter’s care, the child began screaming. As the screaming continued, Jeter became frustrated and held the child by its torso. Jeter then shook the child and told it to stop crying.

Pictured: Samuel Benjamin Jeter mugshot

Police records show that Jeter then swung the child side to side and threw the child about a foot into the air two times. After catching him the first time, the child fell onto the defendant’s face, with the child’s head impacting Jeter’s nose. The child started showing signs of labored breathing and was not responsive.

Following this, Jaylin Deanda and Eli Sarsosa, who left the child in the care of Jeter, arrived at the residence and took the child to Shannon Medical Center for immediate treatment.

According to a doctor interviewed by investigators, the child received life-saving emergency care that includes mechanical breathing.

Furthermore, the doctor stated that the child sustained contusions about its forehead. It also had acute brain injuries and possibly non-acute brain injuries. Bruising and “red marks” was found on and around the child’s left eye. The child had fluid present in the front part of the child’s brain. The doctor advised that the child will need specialized lifesaving pediatric medical treatment at Dell Children’s Hospital in Austin.

At the time of the article being written, Jeter has been booked in Tom Green County Jail and currently has no bond.