SAN ANGELO, Texas (KLST/KSAN) – Christian Castro, a San Angelo tattoo artist at Tatu Therapy, has found a way to give back to those affected by the mass shooting in Uvalde through what he loves – tattoos.

The local artist created a design that features the outline of Texas with a red heart over the town of Uvalde.

Castro shared with Concho Valley Homepage staff that this event was heavy on his heart and he felt like he needed to do something to help.

“I wanted to think of something I could do in order to support those families, especially being all the way here in San Angelo,” Castro explained. “I had seen a local shop in [Uvalde] was doing the same thing and I wanted to offer my services over here in San Angelo.”

Castro continued by sharing that all proceeds will be donated to the families of Uvalde.

“After their tattoo, [clients] pay directly through GoFundMe and just show me that they donated,” Castro said. “They can hand money to me and I will do the donations for them with verified proof that I made the donation as well.”

There is no set time when Castro or those at Tatu Therapy will stop providing these tattoos.

“As long as people want them, I will give them,” explained Castro. “I will not deny a tattoo.”

Those in and around the San Angelo area who would like to donate to the families affected by this tragedy and receive a tattoo in their memory are encouraged to call Tatu Therapy or contact Castro through social media to set an appointment.