SAN ANGELO, TX – The Sports Next Level complex has officially opened in San Angelo under Governor Greg Abbott’s executive order. The facility has many plans in mind moving forward.

“People were itching to get out and I think we’ve created something that’s family oriented and something for everybody to do,” Sports Next Level general manager Ronnie Gaines said. “From the kids all the way up to grandparents and parents, relatives, it’s a one stop shop for people to come and have a good time. So far we’ve gotten a real good reaction from people coming in and seeing what we have to offer.”

Although friends and family members can compete in several activities, Gaines says overall safety measures are a top priority.

“We’re having people wear gloves and distance themselves,” Gaines said. “It’s been tough, but people are itching to get in and we’ve had them in and it’s been good so far.”

While some sporting activities have already launched, Gaines says there’s many more to come.

“We’re doing a little bit of everything,” Gaines said. “Obviously we have the cages and the training center where we have our trainers. We train kids and have cage rentals, we have the corn hole and washer pits and we have the restaurant, the sport simulator and the putt putt. We’re just planning on to keep rolling and have camps, clinics, tournaments and closest to the pin challenges on the golf range.”

The facility entered week two since their grand opening. there were plans of an earlier date, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the facility executed plan B.

“We planned to do it a lot earlier but I believe it was a blessing in disguise with us waiting to hear from the governor on the 18th and stuff like that,” Gaines said. “We got pushed back, but we got to work out the kinks and we kind of had a soft opening and had to work all the learning curves out before we started.”