SAN ANGELO, Texas (Concho Valley Homepage) —San Angelo City Council members will consider a remedy for the more than 400 residents whose water meters do not work on June 6.

According to officials, the city is losing out on $25,000 a month because of multiple water meters that do not work, with the oldest being out for a few months.

There are currently about 450 meters that are broken.

“Really just taking a long time to get new water meters in and then get them installed so we have a few dead meters out there,” said Public Works Director Shane Kelton. “Dead meters are meters that aren’t registering any flow.”

Because of this, residents within the ordinance are not being charged.

“Currently, within our ordinance, we do not have any means to be able to charge somebody even though they’re using the water because it’s not registering. There is no way, we don’t have anything established to be able to create a charge for that dead meter.”

The city council will discuss how to implement a remedy to charge customers for the water they have been using, are using, and will continue to use until the water meters can be repaired