SAN ANGELO, Texas (Concho Valley Homepage) — Civic Events presented a proposal to the City Council for a two-year plan to renovate the River Stage, which hasn’t seen any significant improvements in 35 years.

The River Stage has not been renovated since 1987 when the facility first opened. In the first year of renovations, Civic Events propose to make modifications to the box office/ concession stand, an entry canopy, storage and green room addition, a new loading dock, extended hillside seating, irrigation, landscaping, and a level drive for buses. The first year will also address ADA issues which include adding accessible elements to the existing restrooms, dressing rooms and walkways and relocation of the current fencing at the plaza.

Proposed Renovation overview CC COSA

During the second year, the renovations will include a new restroom building alongside the existing restrooms, a new sewer lift station for the new 48×72 restrooms/concession building, site work, a main seating structure, an arbor walk, entry towers, new ticketing office, and digital signage.

Renovating the River Stage will increase events at the River Stage. This will also address the promoter’s needs for a production office, a larger green room for artists and bands, and helps staff with storage of tables, chairs, and additional needs. This will also benefit the customers that do come to the River Stage for events to give them better access to concessions and restrooms for events.

The total estimated cost of this project for year one (2023-2024) is $1,066,100 and for year two (2024-2025) is $3,715,880.

“We can’t continue to call this an asset of the city if we don’t make some investment in this asset,” said Mayor Brenda Gunter, “and I have heard all the complaints from the bands, the quality does not exist for them to want to be here, ticket sales are impacted by the lack of quality.”

Mayor Gunter cited issues with stickers and dirt, accessibility by buses, the current state of the restrooms and the basic functionality of the venue.

The City Council wants to move forward with the proposal but is waiting to hear from the ADA meeting scheduled later in the day.