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Local lake levels rise as rain runoff collects

E.V. Spence Reservoir near Robert Lee gains 361+ million gallons of water

SAN ANGELO, TX - The recent rains have increased several of the local lakes and reservoirs and more will be recorded as the runoff makes its way through the watersheds in the next couple of days. Nearly all of the rain that falls in and east of the city will wind up in the O.H. Ivie Reservoir, with that journey taking a few days.

Current readings from our local reservoirs and lakes

As of 4:00 p.m., May 16, 2018:

Twin Buttes Reservoir  — gain of 1.76 vertical feet
O.C. Fisher Reservoir  — gain of .24 vertical feet
E.V. Spence Reservoir — gain of .3 vertical feet, a gain of 1,110 acre feet of water (361,694,610 gallons of water)
    (an acre foot is 325,851 gallons of water, enough to cover one acre one foot deep)
Oak Creek Reservoir — gain of .21 vertical feet
O.H. Ivie has not recorded any gains in the last two days, however this may change as the local runoff makes its way from the watershed to the reservoir in the next couple of days.

Rain totals from the last two days of precipitation

Here are rain totals from various gauges across the area for the last two days. A gauge in Christoval has recorded the most rainfall at 2.48" in a single day (Wednesday).

Precipitation for the 24 hours ending about 7 a.m.
Tuesday May 15, 2018
Ballinger Trace
Carlsbad 2.4 WNW 1.98
Christoval - South Concho Rvr 1.33
Knickerbocker 3.2 SW 0.57
Mertzon 12 NNW Trace
Miles 6.4 SSE 0.63
San Angelo - Mathis Field Arpt 1.62
San Angelo - O. C. Fisher Lake 0.13
San Angelo - Twin Buttes Res 0.16
San Angelo 10.7 ESE 0.68
San Angelo 12.5 NNE 0.72
San Angelo 2 SE - Fire Sta #4 1.45
San Angelo 2.2 WSW 1.91
San Angelo 2.5 NW 1.29
San Angelo 2.5 SW 1.99
San Angelo 3 SW 2.03
San Angelo 3.3 WSW 2.35
San Angelo 3.5 WSW 2.72
San Angelo 3.8 SW 1.77
San Angelo 4 WSW 2.49
San Angelo 5 SW - Fire Sta #2 2.31
San Angelo 5.5 SSW 1.29
San Angelo 7 NW 2.38
San Angelo Fire Sta #1 1.45
San Angelo NWS 1.20
Tankersley 7 NW 0.50
Wall 2 E 0.37
Wall 3 NE 0.42
Water Valley 1.20
Water Valley 4 N 2.00
Precipitation for the 24 hours ending about 7 a.m.
Wednesday May 16, 2018
Bronte 8.2 S 0.40
Carlsbad 2.4 WNW 0.54
Christoval - South Concho Rvr 1.85
Christoval 3 SSW 2.48
Eldorado 24 NE 1.95
Knickerbocker 3.2 SW 0.89
Mertzon 1.96
Mertzon 12 NNW 0.85
Mertzon 3 NNE 1.21
Mertzon 6 SSE 0.45
Miles 6.4 SSE 0.33
San Angelo - Mathis Field Arpt 1.21
San Angelo - O. C. Fisher Lake 0.03
San Angelo - Twin Buttes Res 0.09
San Angelo 12.5 NNE 0.07
San Angelo 2.2 WSW 0.51
San Angelo 2.5 SW 0.75
San Angelo 3 SW 0.87
San Angelo 3.3 WSW 0.76
San Angelo 3.5 WSW 0.82
San Angelo 3.8 SW 1.38
San Angelo 4 WSW 0.79
San Angelo 5 SW - Fire Sta #2 0.96
San Angelo 5.5 SSW 1.65
San Angelo 7 NW 0.03
San Angelo NWS 1.25
Tankersley 7 NW 0.25
Wall 2 E 1.06
Wall 3 NE 1.05
Water Valley Trace


Watch KLST and KSAN weather channels and Facebook pages for the latest in updates, as the potential for severe weather in the area is still a possibility at the time of this writing.

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