Disabilities don’t hold back artists in ‘Artfully Able’ gallery

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SAN ANGELO, Texas — Art made from residents at the San Angelo State Supported Living Center is hanging and ready for viewing at the Coop Gallery.

These pieces of artwork are more than just art; they are a way for the people at the supported living center to show they can be creative too, which plays a role in the gallery name: ‘Artfully Able.’

“They are able to create wonderful pieces of art,” Andrea Souflee the Director of Community Relations at San Angelo State Supported Living Center said.

The ‘Artfully Able’ program all started when Andrea Souflee saw the artwork of the residents, who suffer from different disabilities, in the San Angelo State Supported Living Center.

Andrea Souflee says she wanted their talent to be showcased.

“It proved to me that anybody is capable of creating something wonderful and aesthetically pleasing,” Souflee said.

The current ‘Artfully Able’ show is the second of its kind.

The first one, held back in 2019, brought along success for both the supported living center and the artists.

“I think that was the first-time people had seen some of the artwork of the residents of the Living Center and so it gave the residents such a self-esteem boost to show their artwork,” Souflee said.

That confidence boost Souflee mentioned was enough to make this an annual art show.

The residents have been preparing their pieces for some time now.

“The artists have been working on their pieces during COVID. So, all of last year and earlier this year,” Souflee said.

The gallery is all about showing their work to the outside world

showing that no matter the mental or physical disability something beautiful can be made.

“They have that creative side that wants to get out and they are artists in their own right. So, it shows that they are able. So, a disability doesn’t mean you can’t do anything, but that you do have abilities that can thrive,” Souflee said. The art event is every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m..

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