Local doctor to continue serving on TMA ethics panel

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Dr. Stuart Abramson of Shannon Medical to guide medical practice decisions

SAN ANGELO, Texas – According to staff, the Texas Medical Association is the largest state medical society in the nation, representing more than 55,000 physicians and medical students. Now, San Angelo Allergist and Immunologist Dr. Stuart Abramson has been reappointed to the TMA Ethics Panel for an additional three year term.

Members of these committees and panels are generally well regarded, and groomed for leadership roles. Abramson, whose career spans three decades, is certainly held in high regard. Former Chair of the Texas Medical Association Board of Counselors Dr. Steven Petak, described Dr. Abramson as a valued member and colleague and that his contributions to the board of counselors are “invaluable.”

The 110 county medical societies around the state are the focus of TMA’s key objective since 1853, “to improve the health of all Texans.” “Some people come from different religious backgrounds or different socio-economic backgrounds,” explained Dr. Abramson, who currently serves as the Director of Allergy and Immunology Services for Shannon Clinic. “We want to encompass the all inclusive, in terms of how we approach medicine and medical care issues.”

The Board of Councilors renders opinions in response to various inquiries prompted by their own members, as well as county medical societies, and the government. The aim is to bring their combined understanding of current events affecting the practice of medicine to bear on a given topic. Abramson also serves as Vice President of the Concho Valley County Medical Society.

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