(KLST/KSAN)– The San Angelo Livestock Show starts at the first weekend of February and organizers are hopeful it’s nothing like 2021.

Justin Jonas, Executive Director of the Stockshow and Rodeo, said it seems like anything that could go wrong, did and the worst of everything happened all at once.

“I try to forget as much as I can about last year’s stock show because of all the 14 years of being here, that was by far the hardest on the staff and all of the committee, the volunteers,” Jonas said.

Jonas said the first weekend started out great.

“We had 70 degree weather and then Monday is when the arctic blast came in and we were in single digits and windshield was in the negative,” Jonas said.

Competitors traveled through the ice-covered interstates from all over the country.

Meanwhile, San Angelo was dealing with another problem. The city’s water plant shut down leaving everyone without water.

“We were driving a water truck to the only water station that wasn’t frozen and filling up every morning so our livestock, your pigs, steers, and hiefers could have water,” Jonas said. “Our portapotties froze up over the 2-3 days it was so cold in the barn”

With no water, freezing temperatures, and ice-covered roads, Jonas said the committee nearly called it quits.

“It was something that was on everybody’s mind if we were going to make it or not and thank God we did, nobody got hurt traveling here and going back home,” Jonas said.

Jonas said he hopes they never have to go through something like that again. Right now they are keeping up with the forecast and making sure to prepare for the unexpected.