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SAN ANGELO. Texas Texas Lawmakers recently passed House Bill 234, or otherwise known as the ‘Save our Lemonade Stands Bill.’

This measure would end the prohibition of lemonade stands for children, that some cities and counties in the Lone Star State have separately put in place.

Every kid should be able to do a lemonade stand, at least once because I mean it’s great. It’s a blessing to be able to do, expressed Samantha Swaw who is the mother of two young girls and a bartender at Kimbo’s Saloon.

However, this measure does not affect us here in our community.

In the City of San Angelo, we follow the Texas Food Establishment Rules and before 2015 children’s lemonade stands weren’t permissible. Thankfully after 2015 they have become permissible, stated Kevin Little who is a Health Inspector for the City of San Angelo.

Although it is legal in San Angelo for children to operate lemonade stands, there are still some health safety precautions and regulations that parents should be aware of.

It’s important to keep the product safe. Whatever that kid may be touching in his environment, like animals, or playing with toys, you just want to keep that to a minimum, so that the kids’ hands are clean and safe. If the cups fall on the ground, throw them away. Hopefully the lemonade has been mixed in a clean pitcher, and that it’s poured directly into a brand-new clean cup, explained Little.

Lemonade stands have not only been proven to be low in health danger, but they also can benefit the community.

Harley has been wanting to do a lemonade stand for a while, and we got her one she said she wanted to give her money to the police officers, so we could donate it to first-responders. We were thinking we could get $20 bucks maybe, not a whole lot, but we ended up raising $700 dollars, detailed Swaw.

Harley and her mom plan on putting on another lemonade stand to raise money for cause near to their hearts.

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