Last day to register to vote— Expect changes at the ballot box

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SAN ANGELO, Texas — Monday October 4, 2021 marks the last day to register to vote for the upcoming November election. The election offices closed their doors at 5:00 p.m. Monday, but Election Administrator Vona Hudson says if people want to take part in their civic duty next month, a mail-in registration postmarked with the date of October 4th will do the trick. She also alerted to changes that are ahead for the election.

“You decide hey this is something I want to be participating in as a voter, then if you miss the deadline you can’t participate,” Vona Hudson Election Administrator said.

Vona Hudson also mentions that the upcoming election will see some changes, some of which are dependent on decisions made by the Texas State Legislature.

“First of all, we don’t know when the primary is going to be because that’s contingent on when they get the redistricting done,” Hudson said. “They’ve got a bill that was passed in the second special session that says if it happens by this date, then it will be this day. It kind of has a tiered approach depending on when they get the redistricting done.”

Redistricting is an uphill battle in the capitol.

“You can minimize the power of people’s votes by either drawing them into very compact districts that only have people of a particular interest group,” Rep. Erin Zwiener (D) Driftwood said.

Even though relations aren’t as strained as they were during the last two special sessions redistricting adds tension, even within party lines.

“We all know our neighborhoods that we represent and if you’re oversized, you want to give up the ones that you don’t like as much, and if you’re undersized, you want to pick up the ones that most likely would support you,” State Rep. Jim Murphy, (R) Houston said.

On top of the date being up in the air for people to cast their ballots… new laws will change processes at the ballot box. One of which is requiring paper audit trails on the voting equipment.

“It is budgeted for us to go ahead and get the equipment that we have now upgraded to be able to manage that so people will be seeing that change,” Hudson said.

Hudson says other laws include mail-in voting guidelines and hours of operation for early voting.

The Tom Green County elections office will be practicing their safety precautions for the November election.

In Texas you must be registered at least 30 days before an election.

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