SAN ANGELO, Texas — Our Carolyn McEnrue sat down with Janet Charlesworth, the Cooper Tracks Director at Shannon Health Club to discuss the program.

“It’s a program for folks who have a chronic disease such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, or people who have arthritis and joint pain,” said Charlesworth. “It helps these folks have a soft transition into the health club.”

At the beginning of the eight-week program, patients will undergo an initial assessment. From there, they will be scheduled to attend sessions where certified trainers will work with them to improve their health.

Shannon Health has recently started a new program called the ‘Well Being Track’.

“It’s for folks who are deconditioned,” said Charlesworth. “Maybe they have a desk job and don’t know where to start. We work with them to help build their confidence with fitness and make it fun so they keep continue going through with it.”

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