SAN ANGELO, Texas — In a Facebook post created by the Kimble County Sheriff’s Office they address what appears to be a decrease in criminal activity in the area. They go into the reasons behind it as well as how they are going to keep it that way.

Last month Kimble County interdiction and patrol deputies took part in a multi-agency exercise that spanned Kimble, Edwards, Real, and Kerr counties. The purpose of this exercise was to more accurately allocate personnel and equipment where they would be most effective. In addition to this due to ongoing intelligence gathering performed by deputies, Sheriff Castleberry was able to provide critical field intelligence to the Texas Department of Public Safety. T

This led to DPS Operation Lone Star troopers being able to target key smuggling routes in Kimble County. The data from the exercise, route coverage, and the strategic deployment of state/federal resources have contributed to a noticeable decrease in human smuggling activity and pursuits through Kimble County.

In addition to this exercise Kimble County interdiction deputies also attended a regional border security intelligence briefing hosted by US Border Patrol. This briefing covered all border security issues and allowed them to network with area agencies in order to bolster the cooperative effort of law enforcement in our region.

During the months of May and June Kimble County deputies attended specialized criminal interdiction training.

During the month of July, all patrol and interdiction deputies will be participating in two separate Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) exercises. ALERRT is the national standard for advanced active shooter response and ALERRT provides crucial force-on-force training scenarios for law enforcement to be better prepared for active shooter response. Kimble County deputies are already ALERRT certified however are choosing to refine their abilities in light of the recent tragedy in Uvalde, Texas.

All Kimble County deputies will also be attending tactical rifle and pistol training this month. The training will include numerous live-fire exercises, reality-based skill-building exercises, and various training scenarios encountered in law enforcement work. Also, the Kimble County interdiction deputies will be attending K9 management training in July to ensure their K9 program remains successful.