SAN ANGELO, Texas — Kimble County Sheriff Allen Castleberry announced July 13, 2022 to Kimble County residents that the Sheriff’s Office has completed the first step to upgrade their communications which would allow those with the proper equipment to listen in on police scanner frequency.

The change comes in light of being required to go to the digital frequency in order to be Federal Communication Commission compliant. How this has been implemented through the installation of a new digital repeater on the lover’s leap tower, which further will enhance the range of service through Kimble County.

Currently, the Sheriff’s Office is in the application process with several communications grants to build a 300-foot tower on the lover’s leap site and several lease towers in Kimble County to enhance emergency communications in Kimble County.

Sherriff Castleberry informed all Junction, Kimble County residents that all Kimble County Sheriff’s Office and Junction Police Department are now up and completed which means all residents will now have access to hear communications from Law Enforcement agencies.

Additionally, the Sherriff went on to say that with the new public frequency there will be an encrypted frequency that is only used during criminal investigations and contains sensitive information. This is the only time the encrypted frequency will be used. He also informed that police scanners have been found in vehicles involved in criminal activity.

In order for residents to hear all law enforcement communications individuals must have or obtain a digital scanner that is programmed with the following frequency: 155.1900 frequency 659-293 tone.

All residents are welcome to have access to all dispatch communications for public safety and the staff at the Kimble County Sheriffs’ Office continue to strive to improve all areas for the safety of their community.