Technology is used in our everyday life.
    Many times the tech can help children learn.
    Our special series on kids and technology continues with ways parents can help their children succeed.

    “One of the reason we push technology so hard is because it’s so important in today’s world,” says Bekah Coleman, a Curator of Education at San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts.
    Art is not the only topic children learn about at the museum.
    “You’re also going to learn how to use technology and how to use social media. How to create art with technology,” says Coleman.
    Dr. Hector Acton, a local pediatrician, agrees. Technology can be a great tool to educate.
    “It’s tremendous. We just have to know how to use it properly,” says Acton.
    The key to using technology with kids is being with the child as they learn.
    “I always tell parents, especially with the little ones, passive learning doesn’t work. It has to be interactive,” says Acton.
    “Being able to show kids how you use technology in a resourceful and positive way is what a parent should be doing,” says Coleman.
    You can take advantage of the powerful tool. 
    “Our job as art educators is to teach kids to broaden their minds using the technology, using the art, using the math, anything we can to get them interested. It’s like we’re tricking them into learning by having fun,” says Coleman.
    Dr. Acton says by picking educational apps and limiting time, parents help their kids succeed.
    “There are lots of learning tools that are effective and helpful. — What kind of programs are we putting on those phones and how are we spending our time,” says Acton.
    Communicating with your child is important for their success. 
    “If your talking with your child about how important it is to learn certain factors and responsibilities with technology, that’s a positive impact for families,” says Coleman. 
    Dr. Acton says you can use technology to your advantage. It’s okay to use iPad time as a reward for things like chores and homework, he says, as long as your setting clear rules.
    “Manage their behavior and say if you don’t do this or that I’m going to take your phone away. It can be a powerful incentive to get them to do what needs to be done,” says Acton.     
    Coleman says how children use technology starts with mom and dad.
    “Not checking out with your kid to use technology but checking in with your kids to use technology,” says Coleman.
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