Technology is used in our everyday life.
Sometimes hi-tech kids can suffer from using technology if it’s not used correctly.
Our special series on children and technology starts Monday with negative impacts of technology.
“Studies show that more and more parents are using technology as a way to entertain kids,” says Dr. Hector Acton, a Pediatrician at Community Medical Associates.
He says using technology to entertain kids can backfire. If mom or dad don’t control the child’s use, it could get difficult to take the phone or iPad away.
“It’s an instant meltdown and the kid is just yelling at mom or hitting her to get that phone back. I think that’s a little bit disturbing especially when your dealing with a one or 2 year old. And I think we’re gong down a slippery slop if we continue down that path,” says Acton.
He says technology can disrupt a child’s attention span as well as his or her emotional intelligence.
“I think we’re losing that ability to communicate one on one. The ability to learn from each other. The ability to recognize emotional reactions in other people,” says Acton.
With social media for example, ee lose what he calls the “Feedback Loop.”
“When you make a nasty comment online, you don’t see what happens to the other person when you say that thing,” says Acton.     
Face to face feedback allows you to see how your actions effects others.
“I see you start crying or being really upset, I’m going to be taken back and say whoa, I shouldn’t have said that. –You lose that when your on the computer or phone. I think that’s losing a very important part of human communication,” says Acton.     
Mom and dad should give children rules with technology. Parents should lead by example.
“Unfortunately, if you have a cell phone that your not doing anything with but staring at and not acting with your kid, that’s a negative impact ,” says Bekah Coleman… a Curator of Education at San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts.
She says that’s an easy way parents can change a negative impact into a positive one.
“One of the most important things that parents can do is learn with kids,” says Coleman.
Dr. Acton says parents should also have complete access to their child’s phone even as a teenager.
“There should be no exceptions. See what kind of interactions they are having. There’s a lot of dangers, things that can happen online,” says Acton.
But the most important rule…  “Don’t let the phone or computer change the interaction you have with your child and that the child has with the outside world,” says Acton. 
Dr. Acton says society’s use of technology is like a pendulum. We go from one extreme to another.
“I think eventually the pendulum is going to switch directions and they’re going to– I’m really hopeful that they’ll learn to balance the use of technology,” says Acton. 
This technology and kids series continues Tuesday with the way parents can use technology to help children. Watch part two here.