SAN ANGELO, Texas- It’s time to start making plans about getting some plants inside before the first freeze in the Concho Valley.

“The West Texas weather makes gardening kind of hard,” said Allison Watkins, the Tom Green County Extension Horticulture Agent.

She tells us it’s a good time to give the plants around your home a break.

“So as they come in from being outside and shift from the active growing stage. You want to stop fertilizing them, cut back on the watering, and even though they look the same they need that dormant winter break,” said Watkins.

As far as your outdoor landscape goes, you can cut back watering and maintenance to once a month.

“We do recommend that you don’t fertilize with nitrogen too late into the fall. You can do a fall application in October so it can absorb that nitrogen and store it to help it come back stronger in the spring time,” said Watkins.

If you want to keep the front porch looking nice and full of color, chrysanthemums thrive best in the fall season.