SAN ANGELO, Texas – Keep San Angelo Beautiful has had a busy year. KSAB’S fourth quarter has been filled with initiatives, projects, and a whole lot of success. The last quarter started with their fall sweep.

“1640 pounds of trash all over the city,” Charlotte Anderson, Executive Director of Keep San Angelo Beautiful said.

While hundreds participated in that project, over a thousand children were able to take part in American Recycling Day across San Angelo which grants and partnerships allowed KSAB to let the kids get their hands dirty while creating makeshift succulents and learning about recycling.

“That was a win-win project, just very excited for the kids to be able to bring together the art components of art, science, and education to create a very memorable experience,” Anderson said.

Christmas at Fort Concho was more like a two-for-one for the organization because they were out in the community while also getting the chance to debut their newest project, a KSAB gourmet coffee.

“A great way to get our foot in the door,” Anderson said. “We’ll be having our coffee at our events so, as you drive through and you want to make a donation now we have a premium product.”

Charlotte Anderson says she wants a box in every school in the city. The main goal, to spread awareness.

“This creates another layer on the campus so, we’ll be able to engage with our teachers as well have cleanups on the campus,” Anderson said.

Every project and initiative put in place is to help the city, but at the year’s end the work KSAB does can also get them recognition at the state level with the Governor’s Community Achievement Award and more.

“We did receive an award of excellence from the Governor’s community program last year and I’m hoping we will again,” Anderson said. “At least get that award of excellence I’d love to place second or third and then of course would just love to win. So if you win, you get a project with the Texas Department of Transportation.”

As Charlotte and KSAB sprint to the finish line another thing is on the docket is next year’s planner. The theme is ‘Recycling is Out of This World.’