(KLST/KSAN)– We’ve brought you several stories about the rodeo ambassadors, who bring performances not only to San Angelo, but rodeos all across the state of Texas.

Aside from the ambassadors themselves, who else is involved with the team?

Kally Murray is a fifth year ambassador. Her mother, Jennifer Murray, tells us it takes a lot of effort and support from the entire family to make sure the rides are on point.

“There’s dads that during rodeo they are down here in the alleys helping girls in and out of the arena, you’re saddling horses,” Murray said. “You’ve got moms that are making sure that everyone’s horses have boots on and girls have their hats on and their hats are pinned on.”

That doesn’t mean only helping your child. She said the entire team is like one big family.

“You may be pinning stuff on the first kid that walks up and goes ‘help’ and then you turn around and someone else is helping your kid,” Murray said.

So it takes a lot of confidence from the girls and their horses, support from the families, and most of all commitment from all three parties.

“It takes a village to get this production done every night. it takes all of us to make sure that not only the horses, but the girls are fully prepared to come out here and astonish you guys.”