SAN ANGELO, Texas (Concho Valley Homepage) — Presented during January 17, 2023, City Council meeting was a proposal to abandon a portion of Cox Lane. Several homeowners voiced concerns and further discussion was pushed to the next city council meeting on February 7, 2023, here is what we know so far.

With only 5 Council members present and voting on January 17, the item failed to achieve the minimum of 4 votes required for approval by a vote of 3 in favor and 2 in opposition. During the City Council meeting on February 7, 2023, the council was voting on whether to reconsider it and hold a new hearing and vote at a later date.

“People are very concerned about issues, and the issues can not be addressed or looked at unless we understand the preliminary ideal plat that would be laid out,” said Mayor Brenda Gunter, “We’ve got to look at the whole picture not a piece of the picture.”

The purpose of the abandonment is to allow for the repositioning and redevelopment of the Cox Lane right-of-way to address the disparity between Cox Lane and Foster Road and to allow for the development of the 30+ acres to the south. Additionally, the abandonment was proposed to also address drainage in that area.

The large 30+ acre is planned to be turned into residential areas, and a commercial service area. Their plan would be to realign Cox lane and connect their new streets to the existing streets in the Trails Subdivision and the Capitol Heights Addition.

According to the planning commissions analysis, staff does not believe that traffic patterns would be negatively affected by street abandonment.

Concerns brought forth by those opposed included not having enough information, not knowing how it benefited the city, how the change would be handled and increased traffic through the neighborhood. Homeowners asked that the project either be abandoned or another solution found.

“Putting more traffic in the middle of that mess is just dangerous,” said one homeowner.

Additional issues cited at the previous city council meeting include increased noise, concern that not enough time was dedicated to the traffic study and trash.

Several homeowners expressed gratitude to the council for taking the time to reconsider this proposal and other issues associated with it.

The motion passed 7-0 to reconsider this proposal at a future meeting.

Right Of Way Abandonment of Cox Lane Plan