SAN ANGELO, Texas — San Angelo Police Department Public Information Officer Richard Espinoza sits down with our Carolyn McEnrue to discuss local vehicle burglaries and future employment opportunities with SAPD.

“Especially after the holidays, when we are seeing multiple reports on a daily basis,” said Espinoza.

SAPD is seeing reports come from a variety of locations from parking lots to private property.

“Criminals are going to do whatever they can, whether, regardless of location to try to get your property.”

SAPD encourages residents to follow the motto, ‘Lock it. Take it. Hide it.’ to avoid valuables being in plain sight. Furthermore, try to park vehicles near buildings in a well-lit area to avoid attention.

Changing topics, Espinoza confirms that SAPD is hiring. For now, they are only looking for officers with an application deadline of Feb. 24 with the civil service exam on March 3 which will be held at the McNease Convention Center.

“The civil service exam is a basic reading, writing and math,” said Espinoza. “It is something that helps make sure that you have a basic understanding of reading, writing and math. Once you pass that test, it allows you to move on to the next portion of it which is the physical aspect”

For more information, you can contact SAPD’s Community Service Division or go to