Inaugural Firefighters Ball Set for November

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    The public will soon be able to party with San Angelo Firefighters at a ball that may become an annual event,
    It’ll benefit the new San Angelo Firefighters Foundation.

    “I want this ticket to become the most wanted popular ticket in the city of San Angelo,” says Todd Sanford. 
    Coming in November, the Inaugural Firefighters Ball.
    Chief Todd Sanford created the ball to send a message to his firemen
    “To tell my firefighters thank you for the job you do and what you’re willing to do,” says Sanford. 
    He says sometimes people don’t realize what firefighters goes through. From driving up to a car wreck, a house firea, or a medical emergency.
    “You know, when we see people, it is the worst day of their life,” says Sanford. 
    Sanford say he knows the firefightes are wiling to give anything for the citizens.
    “I want the public to know, that they would die for them,” says Sanford. 
    But the ball is all about having fun.
    “I want out guys and gals to see the public, not on their worst day but some of their best days. When they’re having a good time,” says Sanford.  “Something that San Angelo has never seen before, I hope.” 
    The ball will be a black tie event, with a top of the line dinner, cocktails and a live band.
    “You want to come party with the firefighters because thye are a great group of guys and gals,” says Sanford.
    Any profits go to the San Angelo Firefighters Foundation. It’s a new foundation, just a couple months old. It’ll help pay for specialized training.
    “Anytime you can train, it makes you a better fireman and it keeps you safe,” says Sanford.
    It’ll also help pay for an awards ceremony in December, honoring firefighters who do everything from save a life to deliver a baby. 
    “Since I’ve been here almost 27 years, we have never had an awards ceremony. We have never honored the men and women for what they’ve done,” says Sanford. 
    The firefighters ball will be held at the Mcnease Convention Center November 17.
    Tickets are $50.
    We’ll have a link to where you can buy them on concho valley homepage dot com.

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