SAN ANGELO, Texas – Record-breaking temperatures continue across the Concho Valley and Texas as the summer of 2022 continues.

According to the National Weather Service, an excessive heat warning has been issued since Wednesday, July 5th, and will continue through Monday, July 11th.

On top of this excessive heat, the Energy Reliability Council of Texas also issued a conservation appeal for Monday, July 11th from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m.

With continually high temperatures and having to conserve energy to help maintain the Texas power grid, many people are looking for ways to keep their households cool without overusing electricity.

Here is the best way to conserve energy and maintain a cool household according to Energy Star:

  • Caulk and weather strip around windows and doors
    • Any air leakage around windows and doors allows cool air to escape the household and warm air to enter. By checking for leakages, homeowners can save up to $200 a year in cooling and heating costs by sealing their homes.
  • Seal attic or basement door, hatch, or crawl space
    • Holes or gaps can often be found around the home due to ducts, vents and electrical wires. These holes can allow air to escape the household, increasing temperatures and the energy bill. Sealing small gaps with caulk or holes with spray foam that are up to 3 inches in diameter is a great way to help cool off a house and reduce an energy bill.
  • Find and seal any leaks in the duct system
    • Holes and tears in an air duct can prevent an AC from effectively cooling off a home. Looking for these leaks and sealing them with metal/foil tape or using a mastic can help. Energy Star also shares to insulate any ducts the homeowner has access to. Sealing and insulating air ducts can improve the efficiency of an HVAC system by 20%.
  • Use a ceiling fan
    • Making sure a ceiling fan is spinning in the right direction can effectively help cool down an area. During the summer, fans should be running counterclockwise. This direction chelps push air down to create a cool breeze.
  • Use drapes and curtains
    • During warmer months, using drapes and curtains to cover windows can help improve insulation and prevent heat loss.
  • Use a microwave, outdoor grill or slow cooker when cooking
    • Using a stove or oven when cooking causes temperatures to rise in a household. Furthermore, the AC will have to run longer and work harder to keep a set temperature. Using a microwave, slow cooker or outdoor grill helps reduce heat in the household during evening hours.