SAN ANGELO, Texas — Presented during the January 17, 2023, City Council meeting was a proposal to abandon a portion of Cox Lane. Homeowners in the area voiced concerns about heavy traffic, safety and more.

The request for the abandonment of a portion of Cox Lane, next to a residential neighborhood, would begin at 1861 Cox Lane extending west 2,330 feet, south 1,730 feet and north 320 feet of the intersection of Sunset Drive and Foster Road. With the removal of Cox Lane, there will be the addition of a new connection to Parkview Drive.

Both Cox lane and Foster Road are collector streets – (low-to-moderate-capacity road which serves to move traffic from local streets to arterial roads.) The staff’s recommendation to the developer was not to have two collectors streets running roughly 10 feet apart and therefore remove a portion of Cox Lane to prevent the duplication of roads.

31 notices were sent to properties that the abandonment would directly affect. Zero were in favor and nine residents opposed the abandonment.

Concerns brought forth by those opposed included not having enough information, not knowing how it benefited the city, how the change would be handled and increased traffic through the neighborhood.

Traffic counts were collected to determine where the average driver would be rerouted to. It was decided that with the addition of a stop sign on Foster Road, traffic would be directed south rather than through the neighborhood.

Curve in Cox Lane

City employees said one benefit of the plan would be the removal of a dangerous curve where the street turns northwest.

“If drivers can’t see the curb that’s lit up by lights saying ‘hey slow down,’ how are they going to see our kids?” said one homeowner.

Other homeowners came forward to address their concerns during public comment asking that this project either be abandoned or another solution found.

A primary concern brought up includes heavy traffic off Ben Ficklin filtering into the neighborhood through Parkview. The traffic might run by Trinity Lutheran School or by the Senior Care Center currently being planned according to one homeowner.

Another homeowner called attention to flooding and drainage issues within the area. She said increased traffic in that area along with the drainage issues could cause a greater risk of accidents.

The width of residential roads being unable to handle heavier traffic was brought up along with noting multiple cars parked on the side of the road, making roads smaller.

Additional issues cited include increased noise, concern that not enough time was dedicated to the traffic study and trash.

Hilliary Bueker clarified after public comment that there is a plan for the addition of a road that would extend to the loop taking traffic adjacent to the neighborhood instead of through. The development has also planned to include a detention pond to help with drainage.

A decision was not reached on the approval of the abandonment of Cox Lane but will be up for reconsideration at the next City Council meeting.