SAN ANGELO, Texas — Haunted Rooms America is coming to San Angelo to hunt ghosts at Fort Concho on August 13, 2022.

During the ghost hunt participants have access to multiple locations, including the infamous Officers’ Quarters 1, Fort Concho Hospital, the old schoolhouse/chapel, Officers’ Quarters 3, and the old headquarters building!

Tickets cost $99 and include access to the oldest and most haunted buildings in the fort, including the infamous Officers’ Quarter’s No. 1, and locations that have never before been investigated by an outside team, being able to Investigate with an experienced member of Haunted Rooms America and Join in with structured vigils, participants will be able to use paranormal equipment which includes both state-of-the-art as well as the more traditional, unlimited snacks and refreshments provided at intervals throughout the evening, and private time to explore and conduct your own vigils (*a team member will be present in each area to offer guidance if needed).

The Ghosts of Fort Concho

One of the most famous ghosts on the premise is the ghost of Colonel Benjamin Grierson’s daughter, Edith who is still residing in her former home. Edith died from Typhoid Fever in 1878, when she was just 13 years old. What were her former bedroom and the room where she passed away is often where her apparition has been witnessed playing her favorite game of jacks on the floor of this room. It is said her smiling face looks at those that enter before returning to play. Her apparition has also been seen standing at the top of the staircase, wearing a long peach-colored dress. Tell tale signs of her can be distant giggling, or her footsteps running up and down the staircase. The ghost of Colonel Grierson himself is also believed to still haunt his former residence, as well as his wife, Edith’s mother.

Colonel Ranald “Bad Hand” Mackenzie, was a decorated veteran of the Civil War and was the CO of the famous 4th Cavalry, that was stationed at Fort Concho.  His men known as Mackenzie’s Raiders had two victories during the Red River War, which forced the Comanche, Kiowa, Cheyenne, and the Arapaho Native America tribes from the Southern Plains. In 1872 he killed 23 warriors and took 123 women and children prisoner from a Comanche camp taking them to Fort Concho. He’s associated with the sound of knuckles cracking, something he had a habit of doing in life. In one instance he aggressively walked up on an unsuspecting staff member who was looking out of a window in Officers’ Quarter 3, a building he resided in when he wasn’t away on his campaigns.

The only known soldier to die within the fort, is Second Sergeant James Cunningham, an Irish immigrant who was described as a good and respectful soldier. His death was due to his extreme addiction to alcohol and was later acquitted from the fort. He requested to be put back in the fort so he could spend his last days around his friends. The fort accepted his request and he was put up in the old headquarters building. After just two months he succumbed to his illness and passed away. Since his death, it has been said that his ghost has been seen and felt walking around the building he died in. His spirit is said to hate the fact women can enter the building these days.

George Dunbar was a chaplain and one of the soldiers stationed at Fort Concho who had their families staying with them. His death was due to a siege of Fort Sill where he had been ordered to go help Fort Concho’s sister fort. He promised his wife and six children that he would return soon. Upon returning victorious from Fort Sill, the soldiers were missing one man, Dunbar. He’d died in defending Fort Sill during the siege. His family was understandably distraught at his loss, however, they were promised to have a home at the fort for as long as they needed it. His spirit has been heard throughout the fort, his disembodied voice echoing through the schoolhouse/chapel, often accompanied by an unknown female spirit, which could be his wife.