SAN ANGELO, Texas — With the new year comes new projects and new ambitions, so we’ve gathered a list of what to expect in 2023 from the San Angelo City Council.

The City Council has three major strategic priorities for 2023 which include infrastructure, economic development and public safety. Listed below are major projects that will begin or continue into this year.

29th Street Sports Complex with a new BMX track

The 29th Street Sports Complex was originally built in the 1970s and desperately needed renovations. The initial plan was approved in June 2022 and is expected to be completed in 2023. Improvements include a new BMX track, an improved baseball field, covered bleachers, a practice field, a six-mile walking trail, and a bridge connecting the complex to Kirby Park.

Fire Department

San Angelo’s Fire Department will receive new funding in 2023 for two additional Fire Academy courses and two regional area schools for our volunteer firefighters. The securing of funding for two new fire engines will be completed by the summer of 2023.

Mathis Field – Extending South Taxi Lane

There is currently a need for hanger space so when the south taxi lane is complete there will also be 16 additional areas for hangers (11 of these spaces are already spoken for).

Improving facilities at Goodfellow

The City of San Angelo Development Corporation has invested 2.3 million dollars in grants to Improve facilities at Goodfellow Airforce Base. According to Mayor Brenda Gunter, this is the single largest dollar commitment COSA DC has made yet.

Improvements to the River Stage

This project will span over the course of three years and will improve irrigation, and landscaping, expand entrance gates and storage as well as add new concessions and new restrooms.

Road Construction

Southwest Blvd construction will be complete

This project should be completed early in the year, as it is nearly finished. Most of Southwest was resurfaced, while other sections such as the low water crossing by McDonald’s required a full reconstruction.

The city is currently working on the intersection of Southwest Blvd. and the railroad crossing near Lamar Elementary.

College Hills Blvd. Improvement Project

The College Hills Improvement Project has comprised major street and drainage work from Loop 306 to Ave. N. This project has approximately two years before completion. 

Howard Street Project

The Howard Street Project will begin this year, comprising new utilities, resurfacing of roadways, and reconstruction of roadways. The bid for this project was awarded in November 2022.

Water Projects

Hickory Aquifer

Starting in 2023, a new addition of wells will be drilled in order to maximize the full output of water. The current system gathers and filters 8 million gallons of water per day but will increase to 12 million by 2024.

Lake Nasworthy Sewer Project

This project will allow for more economic growth in the lake and airport areas by reconstructing the sewer system in order to serve more of the community. The construction for this project is projected to begin summer of 2023.

Concho River Water Project

The Concho River Water Project involves releasing highly treated wastewater into the Concho River to be recouped and turned into drinking water. This is currently waiting for permission from the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality to move forward in 2023.