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Gov. Abbott declares May 2-8 Travel and Tourism Week, Nexstar’s travel series ‘Destination Texas’ ramps up for summer 2021

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In late April, Governor Greg Abbott  issued a proclamation recognizing May 2nd through the 8th as Travel and Tourism Week in Texas.

According to the Governor, the week highlights the critical impact of the travel and tourism industry on the state of Texas. This week also celebrates the “resilience and ingenuity of Texans working in this industry during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Below is a video where Governor Abbott encourages Texans to visit large cities and rural communities alike.

“In Texas, we know that it is not our challenges that define us, but rather how we overcome them, and the men and women of our travel and tourism industry have set their sights firmly on the future by charting a road to recovery. At this time, I join my fellow Texans in recognizing the power of travel to drive economic recovery in Texas and in celebrating the contributions of the travel and tourism industry in the Lone Star State. I encourage everyone, both Texans and non-Texans alike, to visit to learn more about the boundless opportunities that await those who are ready to take on their next adventure,” Governor Abbott stated in his proclamation.

According to the Office of the Governor, before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, one in 10 Texas jobs were created by travel. The travel industry also had a $169.8 billion economic impact to the Texas economy.

The Governor also stated that based on hotel bookings during and since spring break, Texas has seen a rebound in travel-based economy.

In 2020, we featured dozens of great places to visit all across Texas with our Destination Texas series, starting right here in San Angelo.

As Governor Abbott stated, like big cities, rural communities have plenty to offer as well.

Take this trip to Sonora for example:

Or how about this trip to Cactus Town and Miles?

If you are a history buff, this trip to Fort Chadbourne is right up your alley.

Make sure to follow each link for more even more photos, videos, and details.

We also featured many other areas that are outside of the Concho Valley with our two Destination Texas Specials.

Good news! Destination Texas will return in 2021! Like last year, we will feature family-friendly, budget-friendly locations that can be easily reached by vehicle.

If you have a suggestion for where we should visit, email Senora Scott at

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