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Google street maps vehicle drives through flooded roadway in Schleicher County

Driver reportedly uninjured

SAN ANGELO, TX - A Google Street map vehicle drove into a flooded roadway Sunday morning and became submerged in flood waters. 

The vehicle became trapped along a flooded stretch of Hwy 190 in Schleicher county outside Eldorado. Water in this area has been standing since the high amounts of rainfall the area has been experiencing the past couple of weeks. 

According to a nearby resident, the driver of the Google vehicle went around a barrier and hit the water and went off the roadway. The driver was able to escape the vehicle and went to the resident's home for help. 

Other nearby residents and passers-by sent in photos of the submerged vehicle.

The Schleicher County Sheriff's office responded to the scene and has not released an official statement regarding the incident. 

This story will be updated as more information becomes available. 


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