SAN ANGELO, Texas — Goodfellow Air Force base held a ceremony commemorating the Space Force detachment at the base on Tuesday, June 21, 2022.

Goodfellow Air Force base is one of the few places in the country where U.S. military training takes place for personnel in the new military Space Force branch. The Space Force detachment at Goodfellow — under the 533rd Training Squadron — is responsible for basic military and skills training. During a ceremony on base, the Starcom Commander — Major General Shawn Bratton — talked about the mission of defending U.S. interests and space systems.

“It’s a pretty incredible day for the Space Force,” said Bratton. “You know we exist in several places in the country like very visibly in Colorado in California but our presence here in Texas is so important. That intelligence training that happens only here at Goodfellow is foundational to the Space Force’s mission to protect and defend U.S. assets.”

Under the Space Force mission at Goodfellow members of the U.S. military under the new learn skills to operate military space systems.