SAN ANGELO, Texas – San Angelo resident Gary Jenkins filed his paperwork with County Judge Steve Floyd’s Office in his bid to be on the November ballot for Tom Green County Judge on June 23rd, which is the deadline for independent candidates for county offices to file paperwork for the November election.

Being an independent candidate means he is not affiliated with a major political party.

Election officials will now certify whether Jenkins has the correct number of signatures on his nominating petition.

“We file our papers in December, but we had to do to state election laws as an independent candidate,” Jenkins explained. “We had to wait for six months after the republican and democratic primary and runoffs were over and then we only had a 30-day window to collect 500 signatures on our petition.”

If Jenkins is certified as an independent candidate, he will face Lane Carter who is the Republican candidate following a primary runoff.

Current County Judge Steve Floyd is retiring.