SAN ANGELO, Texas — A crash involving a GardaWorld cash logistics vehicle closed down the westbound lanes of Sherwood Way from Childress Street to Johnson Street during pickup at Lone Star Middle School on Dec. 16.

Wreck between truck and GardaWorld vehicle. The GardaWorld vehicle is behind the white pickup truck.

According to the San Angelo Police Department, a white Ford truck was sitting at the stop light with a dark grey Kia behind it. The driver of the Kia told officers that the Garda vehicle was coming up behind them and did not appear to slow down.

The police department says that the Kia proceeded to move out of the way, however it still go struck by the Garda truck. The Garda vehicle continued moving forward, colliding with the white Ford truck.

  • Close up view of the grill of the Garda cash vehicle and the rear passenger bumper of the white Ford truck.
  • The front of the Garda truck can be seen with a majority of the damage on the front driver side. The passenger rear side of the white Ford truck is also shown with damage to the bumper and taillight.
  • Back view of the GardaWorld vehicle that was involved in a collision on Sherwood Way. Officers are on the scene are assessing the wreck.

Officers say that the driver of the Ford truck was transported to the hospital for precautionary measures. The driver of the GardaWorld cash vehicle was cited for failure to control speed.

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