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SAN ANGELO, Texas Over the weekend, generous donors sponsored 300 free microchips for dogs, to all community members.

The Animal Services Division gave away hundreds of microchips at Food King on North Bryant, Friday through Sunday from noon until 4:00 p.m., and it was the highest turn out the microchip clinic has seen yet.

Usually microchips are $13 dollars per pet, and most people don’t know that microchips are required in city limits for cats and dogs.

They are a great aid for owners to keep track of their pets.

 Over the summer we always have more dogs come in than the rest of the year, and we know these dogs came from somewhere. These dogs are well-fed, they have collars but no tags, or they are recently bathed, and we are like ‘where are your people?’ So, a microchip is a really great way to get matched back with their owner, or even an emergency contact that will say ‘oh yeah, their owners are out of town, let me get a hold of them’ or ‘I’ll come by and get the dog on their behalf. So, that’s a really great way to match people back with their pets, explained Morgan Chegwidden who is the Assistant Director at Neighborhood and Family Services of San Angelo.

If you missed the free give away, you can always visit the San Angelo Animal Shelter at 3142 US Hwy 67 North, to buy a microchip for your furry friend.

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