SAN ANGELO, Texas – The Fort Concho Speaker Series continues with a presentation about the Santa Fe Expedition by local historian Joe Weaver on Wednesday, Sept. 21.

The Santa Fe Expedition was a military and commercial expedition to secure the then Republic of Texas, claims to parts of northern New Mexico in the 1840s and to get control of the Santa Fe trail.

Weaver shared a brief summary of the Santa Fe Expedition with KSAN.

“This is the Texas Santa Fe Expedition from 1841,” he explained. “Texas was still a republic and the idea is to hopefully claim and force the claim to the Rio Grande, if not at least to induce trade between Texas and Santa Fe.”

Local historian Tom Ashmore will talk about the “Meyers Spring Conquistador Photo” as part of the Fort Concho Speaker Series on Sept. 28th from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. in the Stables at Fort Concho.