SAN ANGELO, Texas — The first Commissioners Court of 2023 was today, January 3, and with it, the county saw two new commissioners in action for the first time.

County Judge Lane Carter and Commissioner Shawn Nanny talked to Concho Valley Homepage staff about their goals going into the new year:

Judge Carter said he was nervous for his first Commissioners Court meeting but as he got back into the swing of things it was, “just like riding a bike.”

“I’m excited to serve the citizens of Tom Green County and looking forward to it,” said Judge Carter.

Judge Carter’s goals going into the new year are getting the county’s District Judges new facilities and adjusting county salaries to where they can compete with private sectors in order to hire jailers, operators, etc.

Commissioner Shawn Nanny wants to make improvements to the roads in Precinct four to address safety concerns in Christoval and wrap up current projects. He is also prioritizing getting the county’s District Judges new facilities.

“I’m awfully proud to be here,” said Commissioner Nanny, “Judge Floyd said you’ve always got to remember where that money comes from and that the people paying taxes, and that’s something that will stick in my mind forever.”

Commissioners Court Meeting Outline

Burn Ban

A county-wide burn ban has not been put in place at this time however drought conditions currently sit at moderate. No action was taken at this time.

County Courtroom Renovations

Due to the construction currently underway in the Tom Green County Courthouse Judge Jay B. Weatherby addressed the commissioners with concerns stating he greatly appreciated the new courtroom however mentioned the only office space currently available was the size of a “broom closet.”

Some aspects of construction have been delayed because of late shipping of supplies. It was roughly estimated some projects such as paint and adding trim in the basement and cleaning of the second floor and the third floors would be ready for use sometime next week.

Grant for the Library

A local community grant program from Walmart of $2,250 was approved to provide funding for different projects at the library which may include – marketing, equipment, programs, etc.

Grant for ‘Place for Space’

A grant application of $75,000 for the Texas state library and archives commission for the west Texas place for space NASA program was approved. The grant covers programs to pay for necessary supplies.

Court Relocation / Disaster Shelter

A motion was passed to allow the Commissioner Court (with seven days’ notice) to use any government facility in Tom Green County including the school districts in light of a disaster or to host Commissioners Court.

North Branch Library Construction

At this time the parking lot has been scraped down, old roofing has been removed and it was discovered the decking was in a bad state with several weak spots.

The interior framing is 90 percent complete and the electrical inside the building is 80-85 percent complete.

Earthquake Coverage

Briefly mentioned by Ralph Hoelscher was considering looking into the cost of taking on earthquake coverage after a recent increase out of Midland County.

The full Commissioners Court meeting for January 3, 2022, can be viewed here.