SAN ANGELO, Texas — San Angelo ISD and Central High School proudly celebrate Central High School, senior Cadet Noah Vega for earning a scholarship to attend the Air Force JROTC Flight Academy over the summer at the University of West Florida.

Cadet Vega CC SAISD

The Flight Academy is an 8-week aviation training program that is intended to encourage high school students to pursue a career in aviation. Upon completion of the program, Cadet Vega was awarded a Private Pilot’s Certification and college credit hours.

“Cadet Vega is the first cadet selected from Central to attend the Flight Academy. This was
the fourth year of the program and Cadet Vega accomplished what most can only dream of,”
said SAISD JROTC Instructor Major Christopher Carney. “The selection process for the
program is very rigorous and competitive, not to mention the work Cadet Vega had to put in
to complete the requirements to finish in just 8 weeks. It’s exciting to see Cadet Vega on
campus at Central High School in an Air Force Flight Suit…job well done!”

This scholarship program is a collaborative effort between the aerospace industry and the United State Air Force to address the national pilot shortage and promote diversity within the industry. The program only accepts a total of 120 JROTC cadets annually and Cadet Vegra was one of nine students selected to attend the program at the University of West Florida.

To be considered, cadets must be in good standing in their unit, take an Air Force aviation aptitude test, have recommendations from their JROTC instructors, and an interest in a career in aviation.

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