SAN ANGELO, Texas – Many San Angeloans may be familiar with the annual ‘Rock the Pumpkin’ Halloween festivities at First Assembly Church on Edmund Blvd. The massive event with rides and entertainment has been a staple for the past two decades. But this year, due to the coronavirus, some changes had to be made. After consulting with other organizations, First Assembly came up with a safe, workable alternative.

“This year of course like everything else looks incredibly different,” explained Brandon Whitford, the worship and creative Pastor with First Assembly Church. “So we still wanted to do something for our community. We talked to teachers different people and you know everyone’s really concerned about the mental health of a lot of children right now because there’s not really a lot of normalcy. And so we were like, man, what can we do to keep something happening here that safe the students safe is safe for the kids. That’ll give them alternative. Some of the precautions we’re taking right now, we’re doing a single line. That’s a single direction line. So our facility and our parking lot lends itself really well to creating a single direction movement so a flow. So we’ll be starting on one side of the property, they’ll go through cars will be staggered at least 12 feet apart. We’ll be pacing people at the entrance. We’ll also have signs posted and we’ll have people make sure people are that aren’t together, or at least six feet apart in line.”

The goal is to have roughly 40 cars present, with 20 slots still open there is time to register to man the event and decorate your vehicle. The trunk or treat event will take place on Halloween, Saturday October 31, from 4 to 6p.m.