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How to have a fun and safe 4th of July

4th of July celebrations are underway. While you DO want to have a good time celebrating, you DON’T want anyone to get hurt.

Before shooting any fireworks off, DO read the manufacturer’s recommendations.

“Not all fireworks shoot the same even though they look the same,” said Brent Donoho with the San Angelo Fire Prevention Division.

In order to prevent a disaster, DO check if your area is under a burn ban and be mindful of where you are lighting your fireworks.

“Shoot them in an area that’s clear from dead grass, weeds, homes,” added Donoho.

Another thing Donoho recommended is that you DO have a water hose and a bucket of water nearby, just in case.

If there are going to be any children around, have them sit at a safe distance from the fireworks. DON’T let any children handle them.

“Make sure a responsible adult uses the fireworks,” emphasized Donoho.

Donoho also said if you come across a dud firework, DON’T try to relight it.

“Put it in a bucket of water,” Donoho suggested.

Keep in mind that alcohol and fireworks DON’T mix well.

“Stay at a level mind with what you;re doing with fireworks and what the results can be,” Donoho recommended.

You DON’T want to violate any laws.

“It is against the law to shoot fireworks from a motor vehicle,” continued Donoho.

All of these suggestions apply to all fireworks, even those that seem to be less harmful.

“Sparklers burn up to 2,000 degrees and can cause 3rd degree burns,” explained Donoho.

Now DO go out and have a fun and safe 4th of July!

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