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Quilting and utilitarian fabric work has been an integral part of Texas culture… just like pecan pie and good BBQ. 

With the rise of technology,many would likely assume sewing,quilting and the like are dying arts… but not here in the Concho Valley.

Some people are making old arts, new again.

“It’s kind of surprising,” says Sue McPeak, a local artisan. She owns “Sue’s Made With Fabric & Fiber Studio” at the Chicken Farm Art Center. Her studio is adorned with wall-to-wall quilt, crocheted pieces, and fabrics galore.

She even owns looms and a spinning wheel, where she hand-spins her own yarn for create unique pieces. 

“Here at the Art Center we do a lot of demonstrations, and people come into my shop and I’m demonstrating, and they’re just amazed.”

Another artist — Janet Moran — is also located at the Chicken Farm in Studio BB3… but her main focus is teaching others the craft of fabric artistry. 

“I love when somebody has made something that they hesitated, or didn’t have the confidence to think they could make,”  Moran replies. “And when they do, they’re so excited.”

The San Angelo Museum of Fine arts even themed one of their free “Family Day” events around quilting and fiber arts… exposing the community more to the allure of working with fabrics.

“It’s really pretty wonderful to create something yourself,” adds Moran. “The feeling you get, it’s just not something you can explain, and I like showing people they can do that.”

Interested in learning more about fiber arts in your area of the Concho Valley? Here are some resources to help!


  • Sue’s MadeWith Fabric&Fiber Studio | Chicken Farm Art Center, Studio #14 | 325-277-9940 
  • Janet Moran, Artist | Chicken Farm Art Center, Studio BB3 | 325-234-3844 |


  • Hanging By a Thread Quilt Club (meet the second Monday of each month, 6:30-8:30pm) | Suez Shrine Center, San Angelo, TX | 325-469-3664
  • Serendipity Spinners | STEAM Central (Central Library, San Angelo, TX)


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