EDEN, Texas – Pfluger Park in Eden hosted a community event in support of the families of the two fallen Concho County deputies. Concho 4 Wheelers joined many other community members in providing comfort to the impacted families. The goal of the Concho 4 Wheelers was to present the families with the funds raised at their recent “First Responder Thank You Barbecue.

Dozens attended, including Congressman for Texas 11th District, August Pfluger. “The law enforcement that protects, not just this committee but every community, sometimes is a thankless job,” said Pfluger. “So this is a great day to have the ability to come pay a tribute to those that have given their lives in the defense of this community and their families.”

Pfluger also stressed the importance of of communities working with local law enforcement, who also depend on their community. Each family received $6,000 to help during this difficult time, as well as a plaque from Concho 4 Wheelers.