BIG SPRING & SAN ANGELO, Texas — With the first day of classes around the corner, here’s what students at Howard College and their satellite campuses can expect in the Fall 2022 Semester. The calendar is updated at the time of this article being written. For details and more information, you can visit their website which will be here.


August 23rd: Last Day to Drop and receive 100% refund

August 24th: Fall 2022 begins 16-Week and 1st 8-Week terms; Last Day to use loan funds at the bookstore

August 26th: Fall remaining loans released


September 5th: NO CLASSES | Labor Day

September 9th: Last Day to use aid at the bookstore

September 16th: NO CLASSES | Success Summit

September 19th: Last Day to Drop a course for the 1st 8-Week term


October 6th: Fall remaining aid released

October 13th: 1st 8-Week Classes End/Final Exams

October 14th: Last Day to Drop and receive 100% refund for 2nd 8-Week term

October 17th: 2nd 8-Week term begins


November 14th: Last Day to drop a course for the 16-Week term

November 15th: Registration Begins- Spring and Summer of 2023

November 21st until 27th: NO CLASSES | Thanksgiving Break | College will be closed starting the 23rd until 27th

November 30th: Last Day to Drop a course for the 2nd 8-Week term


December 7th until 13th: Final Exams for the 16-Week term

December 13th: Last Day of Classes for the 16-Week and 2nd 8-Week term