EXCLUSIVE: Part 1 of Carolyn McEnrue’s interview with former First Lady Laura Bush

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SAN ANGELO, Texas — The Laura W. Bush Institute for Women’s Health provides health services and educational programs for women in San Angelo and across West Texas.  Thanks to the Laura Bush name — it’s now seen as a global leader in women’s health care.

Carolyn McEnrue talked with Mrs. Bush about the institute:

For this year’s “Laura Bush Presents:” in San Angelo, the former first lady and the institute’s chief scientific officer — Dr. Marjorie Jenkins took the stage at the San Angelo Convention Center.  Dr. Jenkins says Mrs. Bush’s primary goal in putting her name on the institute was because of the women in West Texas.

Bush:  “West Texas — which is where of course I’m from, where George and I both grew up — in Midland.  My dad went to Texas Tech and grew up in Lubbock so there were a lot of reasons when Dr. Marjorie Jenkins approached me in Washington, right before we moved home.”

Mrs. Bush felt like women’s health had been under-researched.  “A lot of research on health has been done on men.  So that the things like working with drug companies for instance on dosages so that women don’t overdose because the prescription is what a man would take and get something less in all their prescriptions,” she explained.

“We have touched millions of lives either directly or indirectly since we got Laura’s name.  Sex is your biology and chromosomes and gender is how you represent.  Those two things impart how we get our health delivered,” said Dr. Jenkins. 

Now she’s in Washington working at the FDA’s Office of Women’s Health answering questions about drug and medical device safety.

“The Laura Bush Institute is a major global player in that we are the global leaders in education and sex and gender.”  Mrs. Bush related she wanted to be a part of leadership effort and is especially proud that it’s here in West Texas.

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