SAN ANGELO, Texas – Chances are, you drive right by the San Angelo location of the Department of Family and Protective Services offices. The building, located at 622 S. Oakes Ave., is often a destination for families going through difficult circumstances.

Liliana Mata, the Faith-Based and Community Engagement Specialist for Region 9 for the Department of Family and Protective Services says that now, families can have a better environment to look forward to when they walk through the doors of the newly remodeled lobby.

“The main goal here at CPS is to brighten the atmosphere for them so when they walk in here, they feel a sense of tranquility during a difficult time. The lobby, even though it is a happy time  that parents and children get to be here for their visits, it can also be a heavy time because they are going through a lot. Studies have shown that even in times of adversity, if we fill children with positive memories and experiences, we can change the way they remember this time, and it can help lower the consequences of this trauma throughout their lifetime,” Mata said.

A few months ago, Mata spoke to a local organization called 100 Man San Angelo. She said they were so moved after the presentation, they decided to make a donation to fully fund this project.

Below is a photo of how the lobby used to look.

Courtesy: CPS

Mata says everything in the newly redone lobby is full of intention. In the video below, she explains how each detail of the space was thought out and carefully planned.

The artist who painted the mural, Alejandro Castañon, explains how this project was extremely personal or him. He and his wife, Shelby Seymore, had several discussions about the lasting impact their work could leave.

The Rainbow Room is under the local CPS office umbrella.

“The Rainbow Room is an Emergency Resource Room that assists abused and neglected children in crisis. It is available to CPS caseworkers 24/7 for the children. All items are provided new. It is community funded and volunteer driven.”

To learn more or to get involved, contact them via email: