SAN ANGELO, Texas (KLST) – Three dozen En Plein Air artists from across the country can be spotted painting across San Angelo for a competition that is taking place in the Concho Valley.

The En Plein Air Texas competition is taking place in the Concho Valley and San Angelo this week. The idea of this competition is to capture a moment in time with a subject outside.

“En Plein Air knows these artists are just regular people like you and it’s just that they have this incredible talent. I believe what makes them so happy and friendly is that they are outdoors,” said En Plein Air coordinator and cochair Barbara Rallo. “They are almost like a family themselves and you will be welcomed into that family if you just show an interest in what they are doing.”

On Oct. 25, artists could be found in parts of downtown San Angelo on Concho and South Oakes. Artist also went to the Water Lily Garden.

On Wednesday, Oct. 26 artist will spend the morning at the Concho River near the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts. Wednesday afternoon the artist will go to the Chicken Farm Art Center and then spend the evening in downtown San Angelo.