Education Service Center-Region 15 has migrant children art on display

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SAN ANGELO, Texas – The Education Service Center-Region 15 has artwork from migrant students on display around the campus. The Borderland Project is a project for students across Region 15 to map out and capture their lifestyles. The Education Service Center-Region 15 spans over 43 school districts in 18 counties, out of those school districts, 15 assist migrant families.

Artwork on the window of the Education Service Center-Region 15 from migrant children across the region.

Region 15’s migrant program has served families for over 50 years and it is their mission to tend to migrant children. The artwork consists of quotes, photography, and many heartfelt messages from many students. Romana Gonzalez, a migrant recruiter at Region 15, states, “we are inviting teachers and educators to come see the pictures and read what they wrote to learn more about migrant’s lifestyles.”

Excerpt from a young, Mexican-American native who shares their feelings as a migrant and their ambition.

“We have students from many walks of life,” Romana Gonzalez said. “Many are born in America, but they are considered migrants because of their parents or guardians traveling from different regions of the state or even out of the country.”

Noemi Ucuk, Migrant Recruiter for Region 15, says, “the Borderland Project has taught us how resilient our children are. They are leaving places before school end and they’re going places where they may not have friends or family. It is a new place for them, and they adjusted very well.”

Jason Reed, a former resident of San Angelo, now Professor of Photography at Texas State University, says it is a sensational feeling to help with the Borderland Project on helping students talk about their lives through photography and poetry. He then adds, “to work with the students and hear their stories really opens up the pathways for dialogue.”

A quote stating where the student comes from using the Spanish quote “ni de aqui, ni de alla”, which translates to “I am neither from here, nor there.”

The artwork will be on display for the next few weeks and the public is welcome to come out and see the students’ work.

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