Dogs at Local Shelter Travel Across the Country

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     Dozens of dogs are on their way to their new homes from San Angelo’s Animal Shelter to places where they can be adopted much faster. 

It can be a scary experience. 32 dogs, like 2-year-old Todo, started their day early Tuesday morning all on the list to board the “Paws Express.”

They don’t know it yet but soon they’ll be in their forever home with a family to care for them.

“It’s a scary day. A lot of them have not been in vehicles for as long as they are going to be in today,” says Jenie Wilson, the Concho Valley PAWS Executive Director.

Todo is a terrier mix. He was one of the dogs let out of a kennel at the San Angelo Animal Shelter, excited and nervous about the unknown. Volunteers help the dozens of dogs get ready for their long trip by giving them a walk in front of the shelter and comforting them.

“Showing up and walking some shelter dogs, and giving them some love for their long trip, you know, is something that they enjoy,” says Wilson. 

Todo is one of the dogs that needs to be shown some extra love to know it’s going to be okay.

“We put soft bedding in there, fix them up with some water and send them on their way,” says Wilson.

Nine of the dogs will be dropped off at a rescue in Kansas City, Missouri. The rest, including Todo, are taking a more than 16 hour ride to a rescue in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

“It’s amazing. In the end, they’ve got the uncomfortable trip and you know it’s a little uncomfortable for them. But it’s well worth it because in the end you know they are going to be in a loving home before the week’s out,” says Wilson.

Most already have someone waiting for them.

“It is rare for us to see one of the dogs that we send to the Midwest, there for as long as a week,” says Wilson.

With this group, it’ll be 178 dogs transported from the San Angelo facility to different animal shelters across the country, since mid-June.

“It’s just another way for us to help animals out of the shelter and save their lives,” says Wilson.

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