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Doctors recommend all CDC-recommended vaccinations for kids

Doctors recommend all CDC recommended vaccinations for back-to-school kids

SAN ANGELO, TX - In 1998 a skewed study by Andrew Wakefield reported against vaccines. The study was funded by lawyers, and he hand picked children, which led to Wakefield getting his medical license removed in the UK.

"Vaccines these days are actually much much cleaner than the vaccines I received as a baby," says Shannon Pediatrician, Dr. Christina Sherrod.

With kids getting ready to go back to school, Dr. Sherrod stresses the importance of getting all vaccines recommended by the CDC.

"So, even though we're vaccinating against more things on purpose," says Dr. Sherrod, "how many foreign bodies, foreign antigens that are put into the body are actually less."

She says that the most common worry is the amount of vaccines children have to get in their first 18 months, but she insures that billions of dollars go into intense studies on vaccines.

"The safety of adding that vaccine to the existing vaccine schedule is very very well studied, and it wouldn't be on the market if it was causing problems," says Dr. Sherrod.

Although there are stigmas against vaccinations, Dr. Sherrod says vaccines are 97% effective.

"There's some families that I talk to them about look, this is in our community, your baby could die from this, I really think you should get this one," says Dr. Sherrod.

Although there are alternative vaccine schedules, it is Dr. Sherrod's professional medical opinion to receive all of your vaccines at the appropriate times.

"We've dealt with these issues. We know  how to protect kids from these issues, so just give them the vaccine, and worry about all the other stuff that we haven't been able to fix yet," says Dr. Sherrod.

She says the only associated side effect to vaccines are allergic reactions, but it is less than a 1% chance.

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